TRUTH in Hebrew

The word for truth in Hebrew is pronounced, `emet and looks like this:


The Aleph, א, the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet, represents God or the first one.

The Mem, מ, is the middle character in the Hebrew alphabet and represents the world.

The Tav, ת, is the last character in the Hebrew alphabet and represents our final destination which should be the celestial kingdom, or the Holy of Holies, or returning to the presence of God.

Hence, truth in Hebrew is composed of the first, middle and last characters of the Hebrew alphabet, which symbolically represent that truth is the same yesterday, today and forever or truth is found in the beginning, now, and until the end, or in all things.

In addition, looking at the symbolic representation of each Hebrew character and reading the characters from right to left; we all leave the presence of God in the beginning, we come down into the world to receive mortal bodies and be tested by faith, and if we live by truth, we can return to the presence of God at the end of our mortal lives. The word truth in Hebrew tells a very powerful message of how important it is to live by this word in order to become what the Lord wants us to become.