The Word for Mercy in Hebrew

The word for mercy in Hebrew is pronounced hesed and looks like this:


This word can also mean kindness or goodness.

The first character is the Het, ח , which symbolically means the House of God, Holy of Holies, Temple, doorway, and reminds us of the lamb’s blood spread on the door posts and lentil. Hence, it means to save or protect us. We are saved, or protected, in the Celestial Kingdom, or the Temple.

The second character is the Samech, ס , which symbolically means support or a circle as in a prayer circle.

The third character is the Dalet, ד , which symbolically means man, a poor or humble man.

Therefore, putting the three characters together symbolically means, mercy, or to be saved, is when each one of us humbles ourselves, always praying for support and help so that the blood of Christ can save, protect and cleanse us, especially in His Temple.