Symbolic Meaning of the Word Torah in Hebrew

Torah in Hebrew means instruction, law, direction, five books of Moses, etc. and looks like this: 


The first letter is a Tav, ת , which is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet and represents our final destination, the Holy of Holies or the Celestial Kingdom.

The next letter is a Vav, ו , which represents the veil of the temple.

The next letter is a Resh, ר , which represents a poor or humble man, he is in a bent over position showing he is humble.

The final letter is a Hey, ה , which represents the name of God, or for us Latter-day Saints, Jesus Christ.

As we put the symbolic meaning of the letters together, the word of God or the Torah without doubt provides us law, direction and instruction in our lives. More importantly, it will lead us back to Christ, passing through the veil, as long as we remain humble, so that we can return to His presence in the Celestial Kingdom. Just like Lehi’s dream in 1 Nephi chapter 8, holding onto the rod of iron, which is the word of God, leads us back to the Tree of Life which is a representation of the Savior.

Staying humble helps us not to let go of the word of God, the iron rod, or the Torah, so that we don’t fall off the path and get lost on our journey home.