Pornography–We Can Win the Battle

Pornography is one of those topics no one wants to deal with until it becomes personal. I said until, not unless. I wanted to share a post that Stephanie, at Diapers and Divinity, wrote that really struck a cord with me. In her words,

“Since I can’t actually punch Satan in the face, even though I really, really want to, what can I do?

What can you do?  How can we fight?  Feel free to fill up the comment box with good ideas, good

organizations, opportunities to fight, small ways to make a difference, support for those who are

in the claws of this stupid beast, whatever moves you and will encourage others.  I’m not in the

mood for despair or anger or bitterness, so let’s find ways to do what’s right and fight.”

Satan would have us fall into despair. He works on our weaknesses and makes us feel like we are all alone. But to really stick it to Satan, we need to Fight for the Light of Righteousness.

Stephanie got a lot of responses with ideas, organizations and experience from others who have picked up the sword of truth.

If you are feeling weak against your fight with Satan read her post and the following comments. You’ll be spiritually invigorated and ready once again to pick up your sledgehammer.

Thanks, and good work, Stephanie…