Remembering 9/11

This beautiful tribute may help us as we reflect on those lives who were lost on September 11, 2001.

We will never forget.


My husband called me to tell me to turn the TV on. I watched as the second tower fell hardly believing my eyes. Later, as the news started speculating about Flight 93, I knew we were looking at true heroes who had stepped up to do what many people are typically too afraid to do.

Still later, the reports came in that everyone should give blood to help those that could be rescued, but then word came back that few were rescued and the blood would be reserved for others.

Finally, to see the courage, duty, and determination of the firefighters and police who climbed and climbed, surely knowing they might never come down. Out of all those souls who were lost, I count them as worthy saviors.

Would we be so willing in such a situation? That is the eternal question. Are we willing to save our brothers and sisters in the gospel sense? It takes a true hero.