One Simple Sentence

One simple sentence can summarize this week’s General Conference Odyssey session (Sunday Morning, April 1973):


Man(kind) is destined for glory when we covenant (with our right hands), obey the prophet, and lead our families to the Promised Land.


family ballardHaving just watched the Republican Party Convention (and don’t worry, I’m not going to get political) it was sobering to see first-hand what our prophets have been warning us about all this time. It was in plain view, and our nation can no longer deny it.


The Book of Mormon warned us of this day. “But behold, when the time cometh that they shall dwindle in unbelief, after they have received so great blessings from the hand of the Lord … if the day shall come that they will reject the Holy One of Israel, the true Messiah, their Redeemer and their God, behold, the judgments of him that is just shall rest upon them” (2 Ne. 1:10).


I believe this time is now. As a nation, we are dangerously rejecting the Holy One of Israel. But as individuals, we can still maintain our righteous desires, and I can see much encouragement in this particular session of conference.




Pres. Marion G. Romney stated, “We mortals are in very deed the literal offspring of God. If men understood, believed, and accepted this truth and lived by it, our sick and dying society would be reformed and redeemed, and men would have peace.” Believing this as a nation would solve many of the plagues we deal with, but as individuals, we can still believe this, and act on this belief. We don’t have to become depressed, hopeless, or demoralized. We can still have God at our side forever and always. Isn’t that what Nephi (and a host of other great examples) did? Well, so can we.


Is Destined For Glory


Elder Delbert L. Stapley said, “I extend this challenge to all people everywhere … It takes courage to accept the challenge to seek the Lord while he may be found and call upon him while he is near; but I promise you, if you do so, it will pay off in dividends of peace of mind, joy of heart, comfort of soul, satisfaction of personal needs, and a love that never fails.” This is a challenge we can all take on, sincerely accepting full and complete guidance by the Lord. We need him now, more than ever, so let’s call upon Him now, more than ever, to guide us, be with us, and protect us. He’s there because we are His Glory.


When We Covenant (with our right hands)


Elder Sterling W. Sill encouraged us to listen to conference, every six months, where we can be “instructed in our duties and built up in our faith.” As a world-wide church, “we have this thrilling, exciting experience of holding up our hands and making a personal covenant with the Lord,” and there is nothing more thrilling than seeing our strength in numbers.


Obey the Prophet


We were reminded by Elder Joseph Anderson how the life cycle of this earth has been known from the very beginning. Everything is in the Lord’s hands, which is encouragement to stay on the Lord’s side of things. “That which the world calls Mormonism is based upon the rock of revelation. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ.” We are in the right place. Hang on! Stay faithful!


And Lead Our Families


Everyone knows that families are under attack. It is not typical to hear, in the public arena, praise, support, or exemplification for a traditional God-centric family unit. Elder Spencer W. Kimball gave these eternally encouraging words:


“We train our children in our homes so completely in the way of right and truth that the destructive, godless philosophies and heresies of their other teachers run off without penetrating, like water on a duck’s back, and our children remain true to the faith. Ah, that is the answer. Family life, home life, home evenings, dedicated, selfless parents. That is the way the Lord ordained our lives to be.”


If there is anything to gain from this post, it is this message: That we can do it. We can succeed, because we are in control of our own homes. And it is in our homes where we can make the most difference, no matter what is happening around us. Elder Kimball posed this vision:


“What a world it would be if a million families in this church were to be on their knees like this every night and morning! And what a world it would be if nearly a hundred million families in this great land and other hundreds in other lands were praying for their sons and daughters twice daily. And what a world this would be if a billion families through the world were in home evenings and church activity and were on their physical knees pouring out their souls for their children, their families, their leaders, their governments!”


To the Promised Land


Just as the pioneers withstood persecution, mobs, and extreme hardship, so can we if we but keep our covenants, obey our prophet, and lead our families. It’s that simple. Think of the power we canexplicitly2 always maintain in our homes, in spite of what may be happening around us. The power we have can be said in an additional one simple sentence:



“May we in the Church and in this world come to know the Lord’s ways and follow them explicitly, I pray” (Spencer W. Kimball).



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