Take A Moral Stand


In light of what is happening to Chip and Joanna Gaines, where Buzzfeed has accused them of possibly being LGBT haters, it’s not always easy to stand for personal convictions. Where hate is a strong word and has no place in this discussion, we can’t be afraid to stand our ground for our personal beliefs. No one gets hurt, everyone plays nice, and everyone is allowed to believe what they choose.

It’s timely that all five of the talks given in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Saturday morning session of the October 1974 General Conference confirmed for me the simple gospel plan, moral foundation, and hope in Christ we all must stand on to find eternal happiness. We all have the right to stand without being a threat to anyone.

Marion G. Romney–How Men Are Saved


Pres. Romney explains the fundamental concepts of the gospel of Jesus Christ with these words:

children“Man is a soul, that is, a dual being, a spirit person clothed in a tangible body of flesh and bones. God is a perfected, saved soul enjoying eternal life. He is both immortal and exalted to the highest glory. He is enjoying that blessed condition which men may attain to by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel.

“The Almighty is not alone in his eternal glory. Myriads of saved souls enjoy his society. Family relationships prevail there; spirit offspring are born there; our spirits were born there. Modern revelation affirms the fact that all the inhabitants of the worlds are the “begotten sons and daughters unto God.” (D&C 76:24.) God our Heavenly Father is in fact and reality the father of our spirits. We are “his offspring” (Acts 17:28).”


This is the most fundamental moral foundation there is. We are actual sons and daughters of God, the Eternal Father. Because this is true we know we are loved perfectly, we are not left alone, and He wants us to return back to Him. Satan skews and distorts this truth, creating a new morality that has no foundation, no plan, and no happiness.  


Marvin J. Ashton–Who’s Losing?


Another fundamental truth that seems to be dissolving is our right to judge. We must judge in order to recognize the choices we desire for ourselves. This earth life is not so much a competition as it is a test of endurance whether we can make our own best choices, becoming better and better. Because there is a war between good and evil happening all around us we must be able to judge for ourselves the influences that can harm us and our loved ones. Elder Ashton says,


“We need men with the courage to put proper attitudes into action. We need more men today with patience and purposeful endurance. We need more men with … fearless conviction.”


Rex. D. Pinegar–We Need to Continue in Righteousness


Where such wicked ideas are planting themselves everywhere, and it appears they are taking root and growing quickly, we can be assured that there are still many good, moral people on the earth today. We cannot be afraid of the new morality minorities who raise their shrill, ugly Virgins Ranevoices. For those of us who have found the strait and narrow path, and are doing our very best to stay on it, we must bravely hang on and continue forward. Pres. Pinegar says,

“To continue in righteousness takes personal courage and strength of commitment. We must recognize that there is an opposing force to that which is right. Sometimes hardships come our way or fatigue dims our vision in decision making. It may be a selfish motive or a carnal desire that needs to be overcome before we can continue. In every situation, however, the answer which leads to happiness is to press forward. …There are many, many examples of those who have received blessings through continuing in righteousness.”  


Robert L. Simpson–The Most Vital Information


Many seem to be concerned that members of the Mormon faith are leaving the church in droves; that Mormonism is failing somehow, or that no one can live up to the high moral standards demanded from the LDS church. Elder Simpson says:


“My testimony to you today is that if you know a Mormon who is doing wrong, it is not because of his religious teachings. It is in spite of his religious teachings, and we sincerely hope that he will repent soon, for where much is given, much is expected.”


Elder George Q. Cannon had something to say about this topic as well:

“The Saints should not imagine that because they know the truth and the Work of God at the present time, that they will always know these things and therefore be able to stand. If they lose the Holy Spirit through their transgressions, from that moment their knowledge respecting the Work of God ceases to increase and becomes dead; a short time only elapses before such persons deny the faith. They may not deny that the Work was ever true, or that the Elders were ever the servants of God, but they will place a limit and say, ‘Up to such a time the work was true and the Elders were all right, but, after Visiting teaching servicethat, they went astray,’ – that very period being the time at which they themselves had committed some act or acts to forfeit the Spirit of God” (Elder George Q. Cannon, “Knowledge, without the Aid of the Spirit of the Lord, Not Sufficient to Save,” Millennial Star, 8 Aug. 1863, pp. 505–6.) — Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual, p. 297


Mark E. Petersen–Eternal Togetherness


The commandments have been given to us to keep our moral foundation strong. Since God’s foundation is the only firm, solid, and true foundation, and was designed to bring us happiness, we can rest assured that every want, desire, and need will be supplied through His loving promises to us. Elder Petersen gives us assurances of what God has already told us:


“‘Come unto me and be ye saved; for verily I say unto you, that except ye shall keep my commandments, which I have commanded you at this time, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven’ (3 Ne. 12:20.). Stop and think what those words can mean to you and your family. Study them. Ponder over them. They are most serious.”



No one should be shamed–ever–but certainly not for desiring to peacefully live a moral life. For thousands of years having high standards of morality has kept this world going. It is tried and true that morality offers us a firm foundation of happiness from our Heavenly Father. We must judge only between good and evil, choose good continually, and keep the commandments fully in order to gain the prize–eternal happiness. This is true today, as it was 42 years ago, and will be forever.


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