August Visiting Teaching: A Consecrated Life

In order to fully understand this message, we have to understand what the word–consecration– means. Typically, we think of sharing our own time and talents to building the kingdom of God, which is true, but I believe this month’s lesson goes much deeper than that.


First of all, I’d like to talk about Visiting Teaching. I want you to notice the Caps. Visiting Teaching is a calling, second only to Home Teaching. We are the only church on the planet that organizes everyone on “one-by-one” terms. We care about the individual so much we set up appointments just so we can check on, visit, and teach doctrine to her. Thinking about it in this way makes you think differently, doesn’t it?


In August, do something that will make your visit a little more meaningful. I don’t mean make a cutesy thing to leave for your sister (although that is always a nice thing to do) and I don’t mean get dressed up and be formal. What I hope is that you will take a little more time in preparing, sharing, and discussing a thoughtful message. It doesn’t have to be long, elaborate, or conventional; just meaningful. You can take it from there.



A deeper meaning for–consecration–is to offer ourselves to the Lord on His terms, and He will make it sacred. You may have already noticed that the world does not teach this concept. We must understand it and teach it to our children.


An easy example is visiting teaching. Find a way for your sister to feel the spirit, even for just a moment before the kids come barging in. By doing this, you are following the language of the Lord. Offer something to her that the Lord can turn into a sacred connection between you.  


Another example is your calling. Whatever you have been called to do, you have been set apart with power to fulfill it. That’s no small potatoes. Take the Lord up on His promise and call down help to get the job done on His terms; the way He would like. The Lord will compound your efforts with spiritual power and a defined feeling of sacredness.

The home is certainly the obvious space to find ways to consecrate our service, but it’s not always the most fulfilling or sacred of places. Think of ways you can make your home a heaven, and more available to Heavenly Father’s sacred gifts.


This particular lesson is asking us to personally seek a more consecrated life. Well, how does one accomplish that? Especially when life is so busy and full of good things.


Here’s the bombshell: Everything done on God’s terms means we must sacrifice our own desires; our own will. That is not easy to do, yet do it we must if we want to receive all that He has promised to give us. God requires sacrifice. He requires that we obey His will. Yes, we have a life to live, but when we sacrifice and obey, He will be with us and help us through anything we face. This is a great promise. Ignoring Him and insisting we don’t have time for Him right now is foolish. Today is the day to start re-prioritizing, sacrificing, and obeying better, and humbly working toward getting better at it every day.


We came to earth to prove ourselves to our Heavenly Father that we could do His will and at one time we were all excited and pumped to “bring it on!” Until life happened. But by doing our part–in spite of life–God will always be there to do His part.


I really like Sis. Stephens’ quote and my heart fills with the spirit when I read Jeremiah’s words from the lesson.


Challenge: What are you willing to give up (consecrate) so that you can remember and fulfill the covenants you have made, become more like Jesus Christ, and prove yourself to Heavenly Father?