• Relief Society Gathering

    The Power is Within Each of His Daughters


    You may have heard this story before, but I think it bears repeating; there are many lessons to learn from it: “After having a minor run in with a bishop, Belle complained, “In this church men have all the power, the women are helpless. A [...]

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  • Women Heros

    Mormon Woman Ideology


    What Is Mormon Woman Ideology? I raise this question, because face it; it is always the question. The world pulls us in several directions, and our religion pulls us in another direction, and then we have to figure out where we stand. Life is so [...]

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  • Big Family Mormon

    Wife, Mother, then Woman


    Mormon women have a purpose on this earth. Heavenly Father has designed us to be wives, mothers, then women. Some women would have us believe Heavenly Father has it backwards. The prophets foretold a long time ago that marriage would be under fire; that children [...]

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  • Sisters And Aid1

    Mormon Women of Destiny


    Joseph Smith gathered the Mormon Women together telling them they had a great destiny to fulfill. The women were eager to gather together, help the poor, and enjoy temple blessings. When the Relief Society was first organized, there were nineteen members, plus officers. By the [...]

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  • Womens Conference

    Bathsheba’s Indignation Speech


    “On the 13th of January, 1870, notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, the old tabernacle,” says the Deseret News, “was densely packed with ladies of all ages, and, as that building will comfortably seat five thousand persons, there could not have been fewer than between [...]

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