• Paul The Apostle By Rembrandt

    An Entry From My Scripture Journal


    I half-heartedly apologize for this rambling post. At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to read the New Testament, along with Sunday School class. I have never done this before, so I was determined to prove myself capable of follow-through. As I [...]

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  • King And Queen

    Paul Speaks to the Ephesians and To Us


    Ephesians has always been my favorite book in the New Testament. It must be the armor thing. That was always a great lesson in Seminary, FHE, Primary, even Gospel Doctrine. There’s just something about being warriors for Christ. As I have grown in understanding of [...]

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  • Ward Council In Ghana

    What Ward Councils Can Do


    We’ve had a little time to digest the new Handbook. All of us can look at it, because it’s online at I think it’s significant that it’s available to all of us. We are all expected to be active members of this Church. Understanding [...]

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  • Those That Were Wise

    RS Community-Hawaii


    From Hawaii: “We have been talking a lot in church about learning to live by faith and not fear.  I am reminded of a tender mercy given to me from the Lord to assist me in learning this principle in my everyday life: I have been [...]

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  • Wife, Mother, then Woman


    The prophets foretold a long time ago that marriage would be under fire; that children would be in danger if left to their own devices; and that temptation would pull women out of their duty. We are seeing this more and more as the years [...]

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