Spiritual Strength

Let the Lord Jesus Christ give you strength through His words, His spirit, and His love.

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Relief Society History

To understand our destiny, we need to know our past. We are all soldiers in Jesus Christ's army.

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RS Meeting Ideas

Ideas that will help families and individuals live the gospel of Jesus Christ every day of their lives.

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Let us act like Jesus Christ, with compassion and love toward one another.

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Sisters, this is a call to arms, it's a call to action, a call to arise. A call to arm ourselves with power and with righteousness...A call to live as Women of God. - Sheri Dew

  • Pioneer1

    The Second Rescue


    This is an old post that should be remembered for Pioneer Day. And in light of participating in the WorldWide Indexing Day yesterday, we have come a long way in our capability to do Family History work. Let us participate, and rejoice, in the work [...]

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  • VT3

    A Visiting Teaching How-To


    Back in the old days there used to be training for new Visiting Teachers. Every month there was a Visiting Teaching meeting. That turned into once a quarter, then a five minute blurb every once in a while. Soon, Visiting Teaching Training turned into Visiting [...]

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  • Mormon Family Home Evening

    Mothers of Influence


    When our children were young, we used to play a made-up game for FHE. At dinnertime, my husband would announce, “Let’s play Nephites and Lamanites tonight!” and a whoop would rise to the rafters while I would silently moan unnoticed and ignored. The family would [...]

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  • SL Temple

    The Path of Mormon Excommunication


    With all of this business about church discipline and excommunication, I would like to share my views on 1) is it all right to question in the Church, 2) what is the process and rational for excommunication, and 3) what is the future for members [...]

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  • 580 Apostles Wives

    Priesthood–The Heavenly Gift


    Our Heavenly Father is so merciful. Right now, many women in the Church are questioning doctrine these days and many of these questions appear to go unanswered. I personally believe it is no accident and therefore call it a miracle and a mercy that in [...]

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