Spiritual Strength Let the Lord Jesus Christ give you strength through His words, His spirit, and His love.
Relief Society History To understand our destiny, we need to know our past. We are all soldiers in Jesus Christ's army.
RS Meeting Ideas Ideas that will help families and individuals live the gospel of Jesus Christ every day of their lives.
Charity Let us act like Jesus Christ, with compassion and love toward one another.

Sisters, this is a call to arms, it's a call to action, a call to arise. A call to arm ourselves with power and with righteousness...A call to live as Women of God. - Sheri Dew

  • Virgins Rane

    Prepared In A Manner That Has Not Been Known


    Sister Linda K. Burton spoke, at the General Women’s Meeting, on being spiritually prepared to receive temple blessings. Mentioning the story of the Nephites and how they were “prepared…in a manner which never had been known” (Alma 49:8), what does that mean for us?   […]

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  • MTM Candy Col. Gail Halvorsen Ret. Greets Fans

    Meet The Mormons


    I just had the great opportunity to see Meet the Mormons with several LDS bloggers, hosted by the Public Affairs department of the LDS Church. Some of the actors were there, so we got to hear a little more of their stories. Now, let’s talk about […]

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  • Familie

    Celebrating The Family Proclamation


    I’m helping my friend, Montserrat, celebrate The Family: A Proclamation to the World this week. If you’d like to see what everyone is saying about families and how to raise them in this difficult world of ours, go on over to her beautiful blog.   I wrote about […]

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  • FamilyCircle

    Making Home a Refuge


    Home: “the social unit formed by a family living together; the focus of one’s domestic attention.”1 If you ask a friend how she’s doing, what is the likely answer? A tired “fine” may escape her lips, but since the question is meant as a quick […]

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  • FamilySearch

    FamilySearch: Meet My Grandma


    Have you heard about the #MeetMyGrandma social media campaign? From September 20-30th, you are invited to go to FamilySearch.org and submit a story about your grandmother.     I would like to share my story here, while encouraging you to share your story as well. […]

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