• Big Family Mormon

    Wife, Mother, then Woman


    Mormon women have a purpose on this earth. Heavenly Father has designed us to be wives, mothers, then women. Some women would have us believe Heavenly Father has it backwards. The prophets foretold a long time ago that marriage would be under fire; that children […]

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  • Wives Of Weinsberg

    Marriage–The Most Precious Possession


    In the movie, A Beautiful Mind, John Nash is a schizophrenic genius. He meets a woman who falls in love with him and they marry. She realizes that even though she loves him dearly, she is a 24-hour nanny to him and the pressure is […]

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  • Images 1

    Relief Society Additional Meeting Ideas


    “To supplement the instruction in Sunday meetings, Relief Society sisters may participate in additional meetings. These may include service, classes, projects, conferences, and workshops. In these meetings, sisters learn and accomplish the charitable and practical responsibilities of the Relief Society. They learn and practice skills […]

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  • Older Couple Dixons

    Submission: Understanding The Spiritual Context


    I ran across an interesting article, written by a Christian woman, who values womanhood. I agreed with this article so much I decided to think about it in terms of the scriptures, as our Church teaches. Note: I have taken her list and added my […]

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  • Valentines Day Roses

    Make It A Valentine Year


    Valentine’s Day comes but once a year. So, what is a married couple to do the rest of the year? Here are some thoughts from the Brethren, on how to make your marriage strong every day of the year.   N. Eldon Tanner Keep the […]

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