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    How Will Conference Change Me?


    For me, conference was amazing. It hasn’t always been like this. There were times I would go to sleep during the talks, and worse, never read them in the Ensign. That story Pres. Uchtdorf told about the guy who asked his Mormon friend what the […]

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    General Women’s Session March 2015


    The talks given at the Women’s Session of General Conference spoke of strengthening our families in spite of what the world teaches and pressures us to believe. We have power as mothers, wives, sisters, women, and daughters of God. After this conference, combined with what […]

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    General Conference Was Great! Now What?


    It was another rousing and successful General Conference. My cup was filled and I was re-fortified to continue working toward salvation with the ever-loving aid of my Savior Jesus Christ. Question: Did anyone hear anything that may have alluded to “Preparedness” during this conference? Answer: […]

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    Lives Changed at General Women’s Meeting


    Now that we’ve all had time to digest our General Women’s Meeting, I hope you are all seeing that their words have the potential to change our lives. For me, seeing the Conference Center filled with women of all ages was so unifying, uplifting, and […]

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    Mormon Women’s Role With the Priesthood


    I am not one of those Mormon women who wants the Priesthood, or thinks the Church needs to become more modern. I have a personal witness that both men and women have an assigned placement in God’s Kingdom. He laid everything out quite nicely in The […]

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